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Survival Habits

Survival Habits

by Northwoods Prepper, Survival Blog The majority of the people in our country and the world are urban dwellers. Even those living in the country, let alone in the smaller cities and towns, do not embrace a truly self-sustainable lifestyle....

Springfield Armory EMP 4

by Pat Cascio, Survival Blog When the first Springfield Armory EMP series of shrunk down 1911s came out, I took a wait and see attitude before requesting a sample for an article on I was really impressed with that little gun. It...

Spectacular Web Bot Hit – Zika virus ‘pandemic’

from jsnip4

Situation Critical: Empty Shelves, Store Closings Are The ‘New Normal’ – Fed Talks Negative Interest Rates For US Banks And Americans Across Country Share Their Warnings!

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline Live Free Or Die The alerts on the website of Steve Quayle about the worsening financial condition that America is now in are matched by the news reports on websites such as the Drudge Report, Zero...