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Putin and Islam

Putin and Islam from The Burning Platform As I was searching the various websites for the latest news to deliver to you all, I found these two meme’s and thought you would enjoy as much I. I don’t belive I...

What is the deep state? (Video)

What is the deep state? Video – Caspian Report The deep state sounds like the stuff of conspiracies. It implies that there is a secret powerful group that has its own agenda and undermines the policies of elected leaders and...

Judge Jeanine – Comey The Liar (Video)

Judge Jeanine – Comey The Liar Video – Bill Still You gotta love Judge Jeanine. She’s not holding back on James Comey’s new book “I won’t mention its name.” Soon, and very soon, we will be treated to the spectacle...


ZUCKERBERG EXPOSED Video – Stefan Molynuex Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg faced dozens of politicians — and a worldwide television audience — to answer questions on how Facebook handled user data and privacy. Video Source


STRIKES HAVE BEEN LAUNCHED! Video – We Are Change In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the madness happening globally right now. Strikes have been launched. Video Source