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War with Russia? w/Stephen F. Cohen (Video)

War with Russia? w/Stephen F. Cohen Video by RT Chris Hedges discusses the potential of “War with Russia?” with Stephen F. Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at New York University. Video Source

America’s True Patriots

America’s True Patriots by Brian Maher for Daily Reckoning Here is the trouble with America’s jingos, warhawks, drum-beaters, glory hounds and idealists: They are not patriotic. Come again, you say? Do they not cry tears red, white and blue? Do...

Bolton Must Go

Bolton Must Go by Srdja Trifkovic for Russia-Insider Donald Trump won in November 2016 in part because he had promised to turn a new leaf in America’s global engagements. Three years ago he spoke against his opponent’s imperial delusions, voiced doubt...