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Retail Apocalypse

Retail Apocalypse BY MICHAEL MAHARREY for Schiff Gold Less than two months after reopening, Regal Theaters will shut down all 536 of its locations on Thursday (Oct. 8). The company said the closures reflect “an increasingly challenging theatrical landscape” due to...


Gold, Silver, & Main Street Inflation

Gold, Silver, & Main Street Inflation by Stewart Thomson for Graceland Updates via Gold Seek Historically, gold tends to do well ahead of US elections and after the Chinese “Golden Week” holiday.  Both these events are currently in play.  Please click here...

Microdose of ORANGE PILL (Video)

Microdose of ORANGE PILL Video from RT Shorter midweek livestream of Max and Stacy with ORANGE PILL PODCAST. We talk bitcoin and renaissance 2.0

Change Of Tune

Change Of Tune by TF for TFMR Yesterday was a lousy, bitter and angry day. That’s no way to live. Especially not in times like these where so many events are conspiring to make you feel lousy, bitter and angry....