Author: Praying Medic

A Report from the Enemy’s Camp

A Report from the Enemy’s Camp from Praying Medic Originally posted on Facebook by John Enlow on 4/26/19. Please consider praying into this report as God leads you. This is an anonymous insider’s report that struck me as particularly anointed,...

Qanon – Panic (Video) Praying Medic

Qanon – Panic (Video) Praying Medic Panic overtakes Washington DC after Attorney General William Barr says he believes the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump and we get an update from Q on Julian Assange. Video Source

Qanon – Blind Justice Returns (Video)

Qanon – Blind Justice Returns Video by Praying Medic Criminals in the media and government will be held accountable when blind justice returns. [TDC Note – Yes, but when will she return to the scene? Jussie Smollett] Video Source

Qanon – Nobody Walks Away From This (Video)

Qanon – Nobody Walks Away From This Video by Praying Medic Q reminds the mainstream media that their willing participation in a plot to deceive the public about Russian collusion will lead to their prosecution. Video Source