Things We Can Live Without

Things We Can Live Without By Charles Turot for American Thinker

It must be pleasant to be a liberal. Every political principle fits on a bumper sticker. All problems can be chalked up to (1) racism, (2) capitalism, (3) global warming, or (4) Donald Trump.  Liberals soak in a fragrant bubble bath of their own worldview.  They need never hear a conservative message, but they won’t shut up themselves.  Like that obnoxious guy at the town meeting, they grabbed the microphone and won’t put it down.  The left can’t resist the impulse to abuse those on the right at every opportunity.  They don’t even imagine us in the room; if we happen to be, they pay no mind.  We endure leftist sensory overload every day.

I’m doing my best to duck the abuse.  I’ve had to give up a lot of things I once liked.

The NFL was an early casualty.  The sight of players, coaches, even owners kneeling to protest demonstrably nonexistent “systemic police racism” sent me to the sidelines.  Colin Kaepernick’s socks, featuring pigs wearing police hats, revealed his true feelings as the leader of that movement.  A lot of fans like me make other plans on Sundays now.

For decades I suffered with the fickle fortunes of the Boston Red Sox.  When they Reversed the Curse, I celebrated.  The Sox lost me when they plastered “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on the marquee at Fenway, in the iconic typeface used on their uniforms.  BLM organizers are Marxists who support the dismantling of the nuclear family.  Marxists perpetrated the greatest evils ever visited on mankind.  It’s so hard to cheer for those who pander to them.  I stopped.

Major League Baseball has yanked its All-Star Game from Georgia because that state made a modest effort to prevent fraud in future elections.  Joe Biden expressed support.  Fraud is his friend.  Atlanta-headquartered Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola also condemned the effort to prevent people whose politics looks like mine from disenfranchisement.  Please note: that’s half the country — maybe more.  Do other airlines serve Pepsi with the little bag of peanuts?  Can liberals alone fill baseball stadiums?

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