Report: Mitch McConnell working on leaving the Senate before his term is over

Report: Mitch McConnell working on leaving the Senate before his term is over By Thomas Lifson for American Thinker

A new report from The Interceptpresents strong evidence that Mitch McConnell is preparing to leave office before his Senate term expires. Coincidentally or not, this report closely follows release of a report by the Department of Transportation’s Inspector General stating that McConnel’s wife, Elaine Chao, used her office staff to promote her wealthy family’s shipping interests, and could face federal prosecution.

Currently, if Senate Minority Leader McConnell were to leave his Senate seat, his successor would be named by Kentucky’s Governor Andrew Beshear, a Democrat, leaving wide open the possibility of handing an actual 51-49 Senate majority to Chuck Schumer, and liberating Kamala Harris from her role as a tiebreaker and freeing her to take over more duties from fading Joe Biden.  According to The Intercept, McConnell is working closely with the Kentucky legislature to change the manner in which a successor is chosen.

[N]ew legislation McConnell is pushing in the Kentucky General Assembly would strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP. (snip)

The new legislation, Senate Bill 228 — dubbed by some inside the state Legislature as the Daniel Cameron [McConnell’s protégé] Election Bill — was filed on February 10, 2021, during the Kentucky General Assembly’s 30-day “short” session. The bill alters current state statute that allows the governor to appoint a replacement in the event of a vacancy to the U.S. Senate. If the bill becomes law, the appointment to fill a vacancy will be selected from a list of three names submitted by the state executive committee of the same political party as the senator who held the vacant seat. According to the bill, the appointee from that list will then serve until a successor has been elected by voters. The legislation goes on to list instructions on when elections take place in the event of a vacancy.

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