CFTC Changes the Rules on Silver and Gold To Benefit Large Banks (Video)

CFTC Changes the Rules on Silver and Gold To Benefit Large Banks Video by GoldSilverPros

We are back this week with a LOT of news on the gold and silver markets. We will focus mainly on silver here because of the conditions building in that market towards a short squeeze. But we will touch on gold as well.

While we were busy losing power and freezing in sub-arctic temperatures here in Texas, the CFTC was changing the rules for the precious metals markets in a way that will clearly benefit large banks.

This particular change will provide nearly unlimited ammunition for swap dealers to hammer the price of both gold and silver.

We have lots of other news on silver and gold as well, too much to list here. Join us in this livestream as we bring you the week’s happenings that you DONT WANT TO MISS!


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