How To Heat Your House When The Power Goes Out

How To Heat Your House When The Power Goes Out by  for Modern Survival Blog

Can you heat your house even if the electricity is out?

At the time of this writing, many states (especially Texas) have suffered through immense blackouts during a record breaking cold period (“polar vortex”). About 5 million were without electricity. Some for many, many days, a week, with very cold temperatures in regions not accustomed to this degree of cold.

The question is, how do you deal with that? Can you heat your house even if the electricity is not working?


I wrote an article about a portable propane heater that I had purchased some time ago. I still think it’s great. It won’t heat your entire house… But it will heat a fairly large space (especially if you have the 18,000 BTU unit). It will certainly work well heating a typical room (or two).


Some of you may have a wood burning stove. Problem solved. Got wood? Wood is the biggest problem if you haven’t stacked enough ahead of time. That said, most everyone who regularly heats with a wood stove will already have a winter’s supply of wood. Right?


Most fireplace’s are there for appearances. Special occasions – lighting a fire. NOT for heating a house. An open fireplace is very inefficient at heating a house (chimney exhausts a lot of heat). But of course they do provide some heat. People in Texas and elsewhere were desperately using their fireplaces for heat. But their big problem was wood! Not enough. So they’re out and about – gathering what they can.


Maybe you have a pellet stove. Do you have a means to power it without electricity? That’s important!

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