How Safe Are Your Financial Records? BofA Helped Feds Investigate D.C. Riots

How Safe Are Your Financial Records? BofA Helped Feds Investigate D.C. Riots by Robert Wheeler for The Organic Prepper

A recent Tucker Carlson report should be reminding American citizens just how far down the rabbit hole of tyranny and surveillance their government has gone. It should also be reminding Americans how Big Tech and Big Banking work “hand in glove” toward the destruction of freedom.

(And if you think this is bad, imagine how much worse a cashless society would be.)

Bank of America gives unknowing customer’s information to the authorities

According to Carlson’s report on FOX News, Bank of America searched through customer transactions to target people who may have been involved in the “riot” at the Capitol. BOA then handed over information to federal authorities at the request of those authorities.

The bank said it identified 211 customers who “fit the profile.” Some deciding factors used to identify these people were making purchases in the D.C. area or buying airline tickets or other accommodations in the days surrounding the event.

Carlson reports that at least one person who BOA identified was “taken in for questioning” but was later found to have no links to the event. Carlson justly accused BOA of spying on its customers and sharing their private information. Indeed, BOA gave the information to law enforcement and federal authorities without the knowledge of those concerned.

Reporter states, “Something awful is going to happen.”

Carlson also accused BOA of treating its customers “like a member of al Qaeda” for handing over their information. He then accused the left of “creating extremists as they did in Iraq,” saying that this gross overreaction and overreach by both government and major corporations were “dramatically elevating the chance that something awful is going to happen.”

Carlson said, ‘At one level, that does not sound bad. Because no sane person is for political extremism, especially violent extremism.” But, he argued, they ‘have to be more precise’ in the investigations.

‘Here’s the remarkable thing about this public conversation we’re having. No one is doing that. Have you noticed? None of these newly energized and highly empowered extremist hunters have told us exactly what an extremist is,’ he continued.

Carlson alleged that the corporation, America’s second-largest bank serving (to use polite language) more than 60 million customers, is “actively but secretly engaged in the hunt for extremists in cooperation with the government.” He also went on to say: “Bank of America is, without the knowledge or the consent of its customers, sharing private information with federal law enforcement agencies.”

‘Bank of America effectively is acting as an intelligence agency. But they are not telling you about it,” stated Carlson.

BofA went through records of citizens searching for specific criteria

Carlson correctly stated that BOA had rifled through the records of American citizens who had not committed a crime, searching for the ones who fit specific criteria. What did that criteria include?

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