Observable Crimes That Remain Unseen

Observable Crimes That Remain Unseen by Rory for The Daily Coin

As Lawrence Lepard quotes on his twitter feed – “fix the money, fix the world” – 100% accurate.

The crimes pointed out below are not new. Precious metals analyst, including myself, have pointed out these crimes for years and years. GATA has dedicated more two decades to deep-dive research, contacting the CFTC and other regulatory agencies to point out these same crimes. Still they go unpunished, actually they go unseen. If you don’t see a crime did it happen?

As more than 5,000 years of human history has shown this, too, is going to end very badly, not just for the regulators, the federal government but for the people as well. The people always suffer at the hands of the criminal class and billionaires.

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As the Federal Reserve Note continues to die, at an accelerated pace, hyperinflation or some form of exaggerated inflation is going to take hold and begin wiping out savings, pensions and 401k plans like no one ever thought possible. In order for these crimes to continue the criminal class (read banksters, federal government and Federal Reserve) will have to push more and more currency into the system. As this happens every aspect of life will become even more unstable, out of balance and cost more and more for the same goods and services.

Yes, the crimes below look modest, simple and contained – they are not and the implications are much more far reaching than the average person can grasp.

Maybe if we burned down a couple of cities, called for the defunding of the regulators and proclaimed a communist manifesto the precious metals analyst would be showered with ten of millions of  billionaire corporate currency and be nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics. Just sayin’.

Look what happened overnight – whoda thought one of the biggest crime syndicates in the world lies to the world to protect their cash cow.

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