The Bankers Are Sending Their First Message to the Reddit Raiders…

The Bankers Are Sending Their First Message to the Reddit Raiders… by Rory for The Daily Coin

Wether the message below is the fantasy of some liberal leftist attempting to send shock waves through the reddit community, or it is in fact sincere, is of little consequence for this exercise.

Yeah…well, who were the people that stole all the wealth of this nation? Who were the people that have been convicted of crimes against humanity, but never served a day in prison or have had any consequences? Who are the people, to this day, shaving 0.03% daily from 100% of all retirement / pension / 401k accounts? Who are the people, to this day,  laundering drug money? Who are the people profiting from the crime of rigging the LIBOR and FOREX markets? Markets that touch every person, globally, that uses currency of any kind and that has an account that is affected by interest payments.

Who? The bankers. The very people making the threats below. Fuck them. I pray they lose everything and if the banking systems, globally, collapse, GREAT. The bankers are the “unAmerican traitors” who work for their owners, the devil himself.



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