Jason Whitlock Exposes The Crumbling Foundation

Jason Whitlock Exposes The Crumbling Foundation by Rory for The Daily Coin

Our country was founded upon Christian principals, Christian beliefs and by the grace of God. Anyone that doesn’t understand this simple premise has not read the Constitution. If you have read the Constitution and do not understand this Truth, then you have an agenda or are willfully ignorant.

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The fourteen minutes that it takes to watch the video below will paint a picture that will put most of what has happened since the November 3 election. Tucker Carlson paints a full picture of where #WallStreetBets and the “redditors” came from, why they are here and where they are headed. To the surprise of most people the “redditors” are not simply interested in making a bunch of fiat (money) they are more interested – and far more focused – on exposing and destroying the criminal billionaire class of the Wall Street hedge funder, the Wall Street traders and their relationship with the “too big to jail” banks.

Jason Whitlock follows up Tucker Carlson’s brilliant monologue by taking the conversation to the next level. Digging into the Christian faith explaining how why our nation is falling apart.

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“Jason Whitlock: “[The left] are the insurrectionists … the ones trying to take this country in a very dangerous direction. They are distracting everybody with claims of race and racism while they try to usher in socialism, Marxism, and make this country very secular.


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