Biden Administration To Continue Russian Foreign Policy Put in Place By Pres. Trump — the Putin Stooge

Biden Administration To Continue Russian Foreign Policy Put in Place By Pres. Trump — the Putin Stooge By Shipwreckedcrew for Red State

Remember way back last fall when the Democrats and media continued to claim that President Trump was a Putin stooge and that Putin must have something on him to justify the supposedly favorable policies pursued by the Trump Administration in return for the assistance given by the Russians to Trump beating Hillary Clinton back in 2016?

For four years we have been treated to headlines in the media giving voice to Democrat claims

Brookings:  “Does Trump Owe Russia?  The Supreme Court’s Ruling on the President’s Taxes May Eventually Give Us Answers.”

Washington Post:  “More Evidence of Trump’s Subservience to Putin — And We Still Don’t Know Why.”

CNN:  “The Riddle of Trump’s Relationship With Russia.”

New York Magazine:  “Trump Won’t Denounce Hack Russia’s Hack Because He’s Still Subservient To Putin.”

Forbes:  “Mueller Exposes Putin’s Hold Over Trump.”

NYT:  “Trump Still Defers to Putin, Even as He Dismisses U.S. Intelliegence and Allies”

It really is stunning the degree to which this baseless supposition took on the gloss of factual accuracy simply by virtue of the media and Democrats repeating it non-stop over the course of four years.

The reality is that the Trump administration imposed harsher sanctions on Russia than anything ever done by the Obama Administration.  President Trump actually took steps against Russian interests that Obama refused to take like providing tank-killing Javelin missiles to Ukrainian armed forces as a means to deter Russian cross-border incursions with Russian armored forces that the Ukrainians were otherwise powerless to stop.

The Trump Administration has also opposed the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Western Europe.  This is a natural gas pipeline with a route to Western Europe that bypasses traditional transit countries in Eastern Europe that were formerly part of the Soviet Bloc.  Critics of Nord Stream 2 argue that the purpose of the second pipeline is to allow Russia to continue supplying gas to Western Europe while having the ability to threaten gas supplies to countries formerly part of its sphere of influence in order to bring them back into political alignment with Russian interests. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic would be vulnerable to supply interruptions by the Russians without the risk that countries in Western Europe would be hurt as well, and maybe retaliate.

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