4 Less-Than-Lethal But Effective Weapons For Home Defense

4 Less-Than-Lethal But Effective Weapons For Home Defense by: Rich M for Off the Grid News

Home defense and protecting your family is essential – but, believe it or not, there actually are laws restricting it.

The law varies from state to state, but in most states you are allowed to kill in self-defense, defense of others and defense of property. (If you don’t know what the law says, you’d better check.) But even in states where you are allowed to kill, the law has one huge caveat. That is, the courts have to agree with your actions, after the fact.

In other words, the courts have to agree that your life truly was at risk and you had to kill. The term that they use is “imminent danger.” That means that if there was someone facing you, brandishing a weapon, who had stated their intention (by words or actions) to use that weapon on you. They don’t have to have a gun, especially if they are close, because guns aren’t the only weapons that can kill you.

But what if someone isn’t threatening to kill you — what then? Can you still kill them? The simple legal answer may be no; unless your life is in danger or the life of someone else is in danger, you can’t use lethal force. In those situations, you need to rely on other means of defending yourself. That’s why you need less-than-lethal weapons. Here are a few non-lethal, yet effective home defense methods.

1. Tasers

By now, everyone is familiar with the taser. The high-voltage shock incapacitates people for a period of several minutes, overloading their nervous system, without causing any real damage. The problem is that most tasers are contact weapons, which means that you have to be close to contact range and manage to hit your adversary with the contacts of the taser. That takes a bit of stealth and deception to accomplish.

Another option is the taser gun. These shoot a “bullet” that has two electrical probes, which are connected to the gun itself. Upon contact with the person, the electrical shock is administered to the individual, causing much the same effect as the handheld tasers. These have a range of 15 feet, which isn’t much, but it’s enough for use in most indoor scenarios.

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