Insane Liberal Viral Video Declares War On Trump Supporters With #TrumpsNewArmy

Insane Liberal Viral Video Declares War On Trump Supporters With #TrumpsNewArmy By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Video Falsely Claims ‘On January 20 Donald Trump Will Become Commander And Chief Of A Different Army’

We knew once Joe Biden was inaugurated there would be a target on every Trump supporters’ and conservatives’ backs, but the level of insanity in the recently published, liberal viral video seen below, takes this to a whole new level.

Key Quotes in the 2 minute+ video:

• “On or before January 20th, Donald Trump will no longer be the Commander-in-Chief: he will lose control of the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Special Forces and America’s nuclear arsenal.  On January 20th Donald Trump will become Commander-in-Chief of a different army: this army.”

Images of peaceful Trump rallies are shown  as the narrator describes all of the rally-goers as “radical extreme conservatives, also known as domestic terrorists.”

In other words they are calling all Trump supporters, tens of millions of people, “radical extremists.”

Who are they targeting exactly? Glad you asked!

• “They are hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs. They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers.”

• “In this new war, the battlefield has changes. Computers can be more valuable than guns. And this is what we need now more than ever: an army of citizen detectives. I’m proposing we form a citizen army. Our weapons will be computers and cellphones. We, who are monitoring extremists on the internet and reporting our findings to authorities. Remember, before the Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden, he had to be found. He was found by a CIA analyst working on a computer thousands of miles away. It’s up to you.”


Within 24 hours of the video being released on Twitter, there is over 3.3 million views, with the YouTube version seeing far less, under 10,000 at the moment.

A couple points come to mind:

1.) Twitter has allowed the video and commentary to stand, despite the targeting of an entire group of people, which is supposedly against Twitter’s rules.

Normally we would say “good” because censorship is bad, but considering the purge of conservatives for doing far less, even just asking questions about the 2020 presidential election, clearly screams “double standard” and “hypocrisy.”

2. ) The most important aspect of this, in my mind, is the openly stated plan to begin reporting conservatives, especially Trump supporters to the authorities by labeling them all as “extremists.”

Considering the four years of violence perpetrated by the left, it is astounding to see so little concern about liberals profiling all conservatives in order to “report” them to authorities, for whatever they imagine those conservatives are saying “between the lines,” or “silently” signaling.

The danger inherent in this type of rhetoric, basically putting a bullseye on the backs of conservatives, not just for authorities, but for violent leftists that have been rioting for nearly four year.

If these people are willing to burn down buildings and cars, vandalizing businesses, looting and destroying stores and companies in their surrounding areas, just imagine what they will try to do the conservatives homes, businesses and families.

Banks are targeting conservatives, corporations are halting donations to Republicans, country stars are saying they are being targetedfor their views, just to name a few ways tens of millions of Americans are being harassed already.

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