No Thanks, I’ll Be Skipping the Inauguration – #boycottInauguration

No Thanks, I’ll Be Skipping the Inauguration – #boycottInauguration by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

TDC Note – Don’t forget – #boycottInauguration online, on tv and in person. /END

Hey, you guys have fun at the festival of Establishment onanism that will be the purported inauguration of that desiccated old weirdo, President Asterisk. Despite the questionable election process and slobbering media cheerleadin’, they still barely managed to drag that tiresome zombie and the Presidentrix-To-Be over the finish line. I’m not celebratin’ nothin’.

The best part of Dementiafest 2021 is that it will be a sullen, sad affair installing the manifestly senile old pervert at the head of the ricketiest administration in memory while surrounded by at least two divisions of soldiers lest a gigantic army of dudes in Viking drag decide to show up. The bored troopers of the various National Guards of blue states, whose governors are making a huge show of sending their warriors out for the photo op because of the perilous peril of Fake Insurrection II, will be practically the only audience. I can only imagine what will be going through their heads as they stand there, under orders to feign attention to the rambling windbag up on the dais who is going on and on about the need for unity and the perfidy of those knuckle-dragging, gun-loving Jesus people of racism who must be completely excluded and disenfranchised because their interests conflict with those of the ruling caste.

I’m sure the Fredocon contingent will politely applaud the peaceful stealing of power, gently slapping their soft, girlish hands together before returning to their offices, loosening their bow ties, and pouring themselves a nice cup of chamomile tea as they prepare to crank out another barely noticed blog post on why True Conservatism™ totally requires that we all support the leftists in silencing the speech of the competitors of Conservative, Inc.

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