Killing Jobs and Raising The Cost Of Living – Day One

Killing Jobs and Raising The Cost Of Living – Day One by Rory for The Daily Coin

Anyone paying attention to the things the Harris / Biden said during the debates in 2019 heard these two agents of the devil spell out their agenda. Sure it appeared they were arguing and fighting for the bottom slot in voter confidence on the democrat ticket, but hey, that was then. Now that the bottom-feeders have been granted power, well, it’s all coming together.

For those still living under the illusion that #NotMypresidentElectbiden was on our side and was going to do something to benefit us and our families – here’s the answer.

Over the weekend, Biden’s team released a memo from chief of staff Ron Klain to incoming White House senior staff outlining actions Biden would take in his first 10 days. While the memo didn’t mention Keystone XL, it did say that Biden will sign an executive order on his first day in office to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. Source

Day one, killing the XL Pipeline contract will cost hundreds, if not thousands of jobs and will instantly raise the cost of oil, which in turn will raise the cost of gas we all put in our cars and trucks.

Trump didn’t have the poise of a politician. He didn’t do things like an scripted actor would have done. Trump was brash, rude and sometimes, often times, said things that were inappropriate. Do you want politician to whisper, literally, sweet nothings in your ear or do you want someone who is willing to get down in the mud and fight like he cares about you and your community? “But his tweets!!!” So. What about his tweets? When you’re fighting with agents of the devil sometimes things get nasty. When you’re fighting with agents of the devil it’s a good possibility you may loose your cool and say inappropriate things. That doesn’t take away one thing from the results of the fights.

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