Maybe The People Didn’t Elect You…

Maybe The People Didn’t Elect You… by Rory for The Daily Coin

Who are you keeping out? Your base? The people that elected you? Walls? You need walls to protect you from the people that voted for you? I thought you didn’t believe in walls and that walls served no purpose? hmmm… That’s funny. When it comes to protect “we the people” walls are ineffective, do nothing to keep people safe and protected. But when it comes to your safety, walls are awesome, necessary and protect-the-fire-outta people.

Military…M16, HummVee’s, M4, fully loaded. Not local police, not Secret Service – military with check points at the intersections!?!?! And these people called President Donald J Trump a nazi…rrriiiggghhhttt.

The Interstate 66 and Interstate 395 bridges will be closed from 6 a.m. Tuesday, through 6 a.m., Thursday. The National Park Service is closing the Arlington Memorial Bridge. Source

It looks more and more like the first episode of the Hunger Games with each passing day. I’ve been saying for the past six months we are living the prequel to the Hunger Games.


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