Biden’s Coattails: Government Removed From The People

Biden’s Coattails: Government Removed From The People by Joe Schaeffer for Liberty Nation

‘We’re in a new world’ of political accountability.

The walling off of the citizenry from its halls of government is being streamlined in the wake of the unrest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Constructing barriers to separate the American people from their own elected officials is openly referred to as the new normal.

The local newspaper account of the first day of Washington State’s 2021 legislative session on Jan. 11 paints a startling picture. From The Seattle Times:

“Scores of National Guard troops and state law enforcement officers monitored a small group of right-wing protesters outside the fenced-off Capitol in Olympia on Monday in a tense start to this year’s legislative session and the beginning of what one official described as a new era for government security.”

“We have turned a page in history,” a Washington State Patrol spokesman declared. “All government officers and installations are simply going to have to realize we’re in a new world.”

Cutting Ties

This is how labeling Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists” pays added dividends for an entrenched political establishment. Along with stifling all dissent to questions of electoral integrity,  the Uniparty can further detach itself from the unwelcome watching eyes of a citizenry it is ostensibly meant to serve.

It’s not just happening along the Potomac. State capitols throughout the nation are being ringed with fencing to keep the people out. A highly irregular incident of unrest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 – that easily could have been prevented – is the justification for barring the passage of Americans into their local and federal chambers of governance.

Reduced access to the nation’s leaders could turn out to be the defining mark of Joe Biden’s road to the White House. It is the culmination of forces that have taken hold of the American political system over the course of decades.

Selected Mach II

Biden represents the ultimate triumph of moneyed back-door machinery that foisted major party presidential nominees on an unwilling populace under the thinnest veneer of electoral approval. Think back to recent Republican primary seasons. Nobody was clamoring for John McCain to run for the White House in 2008. To many, it was mystifying that someone so lacking in appeal to the GOP voting base would open himself up to the embarrassment of trying something bound to fail. McCain ended up the nominee.

The script repeated itself in 2012 with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), a venture capitalist who openly positioned himself as the most liberal Republican governor in the nation while serving in that role in Massachusetts from 2003-07. His primary campaign still stands out for its complete lack of resonance. Again, it can’t be overstated. Not one genuine faction of the people who made up the Republican grassroots base wanted to see him become the party’s 2012 standard-bearer in early 2011. Romney became the nominee.

This selected-not-elected process has now reached new heights with Joe Biden.

The last shred of authenticity is gone. Ruling elites have made it clear that Americans are now to be led without consent and bullied into acquiescing to restrictions of liberty as “accepting Constitutional norms.” It appears those who do not comply will face serious consequences.

“That doesn’t mean some draconian world where democracy dies, and the rain always comes, and the sun never shines. It just means we’re in a different place,” Washington State Patrol spokesman Chris Loftis said of the fencing around the Capitol in Seattle. It would seem an odd statement for a police representative to have to make.

But when a nation that is meant to be governed by the direct consent of The People instead has appointed figureheads of a disconnected ruling elite ensconced in the highest seats of power, such police declarations are unavoidable. Welcome to the “new world” of American politics. The establishment wants to rule without the troublesome burden of public interaction.

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