Opinion: Masters of the Universe Tell Stalin to, “Hold My Beer.”

Opinion: Masters of the Universe Tell Stalin to, “Hold My Beer.” By Mike Ford for Red State

As many of you are aware, pressure from tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter is actively preventing Americans from being exposed to facts, opinions and commentary that the left (AKA, unAmerican agents for the Chinese Communists) finds offensive.

Amazon has kicked Parler off of its servers because so many Trump supporters have decided to try their luck there, rather than swim around in the public sewer that Twitter has become under the “leadership” of founder Jack Dorsey. Of course the Twitter boss just loves this little bit of serendipitous (or perhaps deliberately coordinated) bit of monopoly generating activity. For his own part, Jack thinks it’s his place to determine whether or not the American people should be allowed to read the words of a sitting President of these United States. Dorsey has shut down President Trump’s personal Twitter account. What are you frightened of Jack? Guess what Jackie boy, we Americans are big boys and girls. We even have jobs and pay taxes (well, Trump supporters do). We are fully capable of separating fact from fiction. We don’t need some hipster with a nose ring to do that for us.

What many Americans might no be aware of, is how deep the Tech Giants’ financial control of online media extends. Online news and opinion sites live and die by the number of pageviews (clicks) counted. This in turn generates advertising revenues. The more pageviews your site gets, the more and higher-priced ad revenue you get. There are some layers and complications, but that is the short version. For example, in some publications, “click through” traffic that goes through Facebook is a significant source of revenue.

Facebook makes direct and credible threats to the management of corporations that own conservative websites. In short, Facebook demands that the sites unpublish, formally retract and publicly apologize for articles written that don’t conform to Facebook’s political outlook. Last October, for instance, Facebook demonetized the parody/humor site Babylon Bee for substituting Mazie Hirono for the “duck” in the hilarious “she’s a witch” sketch in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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