Trump to Biden: These 25th Amendment Games Will Come Back to Haunt You, Pal

Trump to Biden: These 25th Amendment Games Will Come Back to Haunt You, Pal by Matt Vespa for Town Hall

It’s over, but it didn’t end on a high note. Yes, President Trump did a lot of good for this country. He brought new energy to the Republican Party. He ushered in new voters, many of which had never voted before in their lives. It was the party’s experiment with a non-politician from its more populist wings. Sadly, Trump didn’t secure a second term. To end it all, he’s being impeached for fanning the flames of what Congress is calling an insurrection when pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building last week as Congress was certifying the 2020 Electoral College results. Scores of Trump supporters descended into DC for the Save America rally that the president addressed. Five people were killed in the melee. It’s sparked a new impeachment push. This is not a good way to leave the White House.

Still, as we enter Trump’s final week as president, he did comment on the 25thAmendment talk that’s also been circling around him since the riot. This again was never going to happen. Vice President Mike Pence said he wouldn’t be part of it and the cabinet secretaries that probably would’ve been part of the push all resigned.

Frankly, this is nothing new. Democrats and reportedly top officials at the Department of Justice were mulling such moves midway through Trump’s term in office. That’s an actual coup right there, folks. In Alamo, Texas, Trump was there for a border wall ceremony, where he warned Joe to be careful what you wish for regarding the 25thAmendment talk, taking a swipe at the president-elect for his age and lack of mental acuity which was seen pervasively on the 2020 trail (via Daily Caller):

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