LLPOH: Exhibit 973 as to Why the Road Back May Be Endless

LLPOH: Exhibit 973 as to Why the Road Back May Be Endless for The Burning Platform

I exchanged emails with family in California the other day. I, of course, avoid all mention of politics, and kept my comments on such things to a single statement – that this virus stuff sure sucks.

The response I got from one relo (relative to you that do not speak ‘Strain) was that he sure is happy that that “clown” Trump is going down, and now there is real leadership on the way that will stop the virus in its tracks, and he hopes that they act like Australian leaders did and wipe out the virus. (I have drafted a long reply to that absurdity, detailing the draconian measures taken, the increased suicides, the hundreds of thousands seeking help for mental illness, the closed borders, the 40,000 Australians stranded overseas contrary to international law, the inability of citizens to leave Australia, the deaths caused to cancer and other ill patients unable to source care, etc. I advised him be careful what you wish for. I have not sent it at this time, as what is the point.)

Anyway, back to the correspondence. After bashingTrump, and effectively begging to be locked down, he says, and oh, by the way, me, my wife, and my extended family have all moved to Texas.

They moved to Texas, he says, because California is such a sh**hole, taxes are too high, property is too expensive, opportunities too limited for the kids and grandkids. It is so much nicer in Texas, he said.

So, there it is. People have no understanding that what they have done and what they believe have caused the issues they are facing. They are moving because of the issues they caused, but they are not changing their behaviour, and will repeat the mistakes elsewhere. This particular member of my family is a really nice guy. But he simply cannot link cause and effect.

Texas is only modestly Republican/conservative at the moment. By the next election, if there is one, it may be a majority left population. Incoming Californians, Oregonians, Washingtonians, plus a natural left base of Hispanics, mean it is a matter of time before Texas falls to the left.

Tennessee is also now in play. They are seeing a huge influx of northerners. It is only a matter of time before Tennessee falls left.

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