America Is MOSTLY Rural With Pockets Of Urban Suburbia

America Is MOSTLY Rural With Pockets Of Urban Suburbia by  for Modern Survival Blog

Almost four years later, I am re-publishing this original post from APR-2017 because I have been thinking about something… That is, the current ideological/political divide among Americans. From a geographical point of view, it is largely evident between rural and semi-rural America and city or populous regions. In other words, it’s a population density thing (with some crossover/mixing within).

I have lived on both sides of these divides, and in-between. I recall writing the following post upon returning from a cross-country driving trip back then.

Here’s the post:

8,000 Miles

I am about to wrap up a journey of more than 8,000 miles while driving from the far reaches of the northeast all the way to California and back again along a different route.

It has been an amazing and very enjoyable experience. While I have traveled LOTS during my previous career, that travel always involved flying from one location to another and is no comparison to my recent experience. Driving these distances is an entirely (ENTIRELY) different experience.

Why? Here’s why…

Vast Lands between Dots of Very Dense Population

Because driving from coast to coast on the highways and roads in-between reveals the VASTNESS of land between itty bitty dots of VERY DENSE POPULATION. It is really quite remarkable. The “in-between” is HUGE. Most of our country is rural, seemingly barely populated, or not populated at all.

It is true that east of the Mississippi bears lots more population density on average than west. However until you reach the notorious corridors of population (e.g the mid Atlantic up the coast from DC to New York to Boston), lots of the rest is mostly rural or semi-rural except for the city regions and their attached suburban regions.

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