Ummm…That Sounds Kinda Racist…Well, It Is – Another Seriously Flawed Biden Pick

Ummm…That Sounds Kinda Racist…Well, It Is – Another Seriously Flawed Biden Pick by Rory for The Daily Coin

Kirsten Clark is the latest racist to join the #NotMyPresidentElectBiden Team. This woman may be the one of the highest ranking officials that is, at least, as dangerous as Obama – and that says a lot.

Listen to the details that Tucker Carlson lays out. The policies this woman could possibly lay out for our children and grandchildren – absolutely terrifying to think about.

How many more of these all-woked-up appointments is he going to make? Obama said he was going to “fundamentally transforming America” but it seems that #NotMyPresidentElectBiden is going to out do the most corrupt occupant of the White House in the history our country.

Melanin endows blacks with greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities — something which cannot be measured by Eurocentric standards.” says Kristen Clarke who will be “Director” or something like that, in the Department of Justices’ Civil Rights Division – she will be setting policy.

How much melanin is your skin, what about your brain? Probably not enough since only 13.4% of America is black with loose ties to Africa which makes up the majority of the black community.


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