Huxley Would Be Proud…Or Terrified

Huxley Would Be Proud…Or Terrified by Rory for The Daily Coin

With Parler MIA for the moment I actually spent more than a couple of minutes on Twitter this morning to see what the angry kids were screaming about today. Well, it didn’t take long before I came across a post from #NotMyPresidentElectBiden. It seems this senile old white guy has all the young, all-woked-up crowd on his side. Seems like the lack of melanin, and his age, would be an automatic cancel-card but, when you have no principals and your main diet is based on propaganda and lies, well, things change from minute-to-minute and even from twitter post-to-twitter post. This is what happens when there is a serious lack of critical thinking skills.

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After reading the words published in the name of the illustrious one (you know as well as I #NotMyPresidentElectBiden doesn’t have the capacity to produce the words published below) it seemed only appropriate to respond and, at least, attempt to provide a reminder of the actual “hate and chaos” our country endured during 20/20.

An estimated 30 people have died after supposedly “peaceful” protests erupted across the nation after George Floyd’s death on May 25. What started as civil protests and marches to address police brutality, condemn racism, and support Black Lives Matter, quickly turned into violence unmatched since the Civil Rights Movement. Source

Cries of “defund the police” during 20/20, along with images of “I can’t breathe” on mask and other all-woked-up CIA slogans from the riots, looting and cities set a blaze are all very prominent in the comments below #NotMyPresidentElectBiden‘s tweet. I guess murdering 30 people in the name of a criminal is considered love and respect. Yes, the situation that unfolded on Wednesday January 6, 2021 were sickening and we pray for the families of the fallen, however, there are a lot of questions surrounding this situation that may paint a different picture altogether from what we witnessed during 20/20.


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