The Democrats Haven’t Taken the Reigns, However, Their Agenda Is Already Emerging

The Democrats Haven’t Taken the Reigns, However, Their Agenda Is Already Emerging by Rory for The Daily Coin

First up – eviscerate President Trump. Burn to the ground anything and everything associated with his accomplishments – which are plentiful.

Their actions scream very, very loudly, especially Skelatore Pelosi and Treasonous Schumer. They are terrified of the America First / MAGA movement, which means they are terrified of you and me. They know we know. So, therefore, we must be silenced then crushed.

First things first – 25th Amendment and/or Impeachment. Pelosi announced earlier today she is pushing forward with the first step. Remember, this will the 2nd attempted impeachment which may not be Constitutional. I understand the demon-rats aren’t really concerned about Constitutional and unConstitutional, but it needs to be noted.

Dear Democratic Colleague,

On this Sunday, as we pray that God will continue to Bless America, I write to inform you of our next actions, which will be made with the great solemnity that this moment requires.

I want to call to your immediate attention the action to be taken tomorrow morning, when Majority Leader Hoyer will request Unanimous Consent to bring up the Raskin resolution. This resolution calls on the Vice President to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment to declare the President incapable of executing the duties of his office, after which the Vice President would immediately exercise powers as acting President. The text of the resolution can be found here.

If we do not receive Unanimous Consent, this legislation is planned to be brought up on the Floor the following day. We are calling on the Vice President to respond within 24 hours.

Next, we will proceed with bringing impeachment legislation to the Floor.

In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both. As the days go by, the horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action.

I look forward to our Caucus call tomorrow. I am grateful to all Members for the suggestions, observations and input that you have been sending. Your views on the 25th Amendment, 14th Amendment Section 3 and impeachment are valued as we continue. I am answering your communications in chronological order and will do so into the night.

Thank you for your patriotism.


Not even sure what what to say about Pelosi ending a letter with “Prayerfully”. This is a person that demands abortion up the moment of birth and supports Virginia Governor, Northam’s position of “keep the baby comfortable ” So, spare me, your prayerfull praying prayers. A true agent of the devil.


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