Pelosi in State of Panic

Pelosi in State of Panic by Martin Armstrong for Armstrong Economics

Pelosi is in a state of Panic trying to Impeach Trump and demanding Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. The Senate does not return until the 19th so there is no time for a trial but her charge is absolutely absurd, to begin with. What seems to be the talk running around is that there is a lot of incriminating evidence on her laptop that was taken. She seems to be grandstanding to try to position herself that any allegations that might surface are really retaliation for her impeachment.

What at least seems very clear is that Trump supporters were NOT the only people in the building. They seem to have been the cover for other operations. In fact, there was a deliberate free reign to allow these ops to get about 15 laptops using the Trump supporters to hide their actions. Lawmakers were calling the police and they simply waited before responding.

Pelosi’s frantic rush to impeach a president who has 10 days left is absurd. When people were pleading for help and the Black Lives Matter/Antifa groups were burning down buildings and looting, Pelosi had no problem allowing that to happen. This frantic rush is to be able to claim that any evidence that comes out is fake and in retaliation for her impeachment. Perhaps she should look at her polls. The trust in Congress has crashed since she took the speaker’s post. Even a used car salesman is trusted more than her.

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