For Those Who Believe, Christ Is Still King, and the King Is with Us

For Those Who Believe, Christ Is Still King, and the King Is with Us by Arthur Schaper  for Town Hall

TDC Note – For all that is good, righteous and beautiful, we should keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and remember the nonsense of the day is perpetrated by the prince of the air, the devil himself. More beauty and less evil is what this world needs. Jesus Christ can lead the way to making that happen. /END

“But my message to a watching world right now is simple: John 3:16 will remain true long after the Trump reelection prophecies are forgotten. Don’t confuse what is written in the Word with some alleged prophetic words,” Dr. Michael Brown writes.

I am really glad that Dr. Brown wrote all of this down.

I really need to get this out there to this prophetic, praying community of Believers in the Body of Christ in particular, but I share these words to the world at large, too. There is too much interest in prophecies on the earth, and not enough interest in our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is too much interest in the words that are spoken by man in prophetic spirit, and not enough in the WRITTEN WORD of God. I am aware of godly men who declared that Trump would help turn the United States back to God. Indeed, I believe that God was able to use Trump in this fashion. I can think of no president in modern times who so boldly declared Jesus Christ to a fallen world.

However, I think too many people in Christendom, whether in the United States or elsewhere in the world, were looking to Trump to be an ongoing savior in our troubled times. No man can do that. It has bothered me a great deal that there is so much attachment to all of these prophecies about Trump and everything that he would do. I think too many pastors and preachers got this notion that our victory would be wrapped up in this elected official.

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