Are You Ready To Be Subjected To Your “Two Minutes of Hate”? Brennan Believes It’s Time

Are You Ready To Be Subjected To Your “Two Minutes of Hate”? Brennan Believes It’s Time by Rory for The Daily Coin

If you’ve read, or seen the movie, 1984, the George Orwell classic, then you have been introduced to the idea of “two minutes of hate”. It seems that former CIA Director, John, should be hung for treason, Brennan is ready for those sessions to begin.

As a reminder of the reference point we are discussing

This is how desperate, evil and out-of-control these communist attempting to overtake our country have become. There is only a short window of time left – before 2023 – the conservative right has to set a new course and get out of their way. They will begin with the two minutes of hate, which will quickly lead to the killing fields. Make no mistake, they hate us all. They us to the core – including their useful idiots in the antifa and black lives don’t matter movement. They will probably go first, as their leaders know the game plan.

Here is Brennan being a dutiful communist. I, seriously, can’t imagine being so filled with hate as to make these word public in my name. Astonishing.

He calls our ideas and values a “malignancy”

Definition of malignancy by Merriam-Webster –

tending to produce death or deterioration
evil in nature, influence, or effect
passionately and relentlessly malevolent : aggressively malicious

WOW! Those are very strong words. Since we love our family, our country and the Constitution – which defines law and order. We must be stopped, we must “denounce” our beliefs and proclaim our love of the godless, lawless agenda perpetrated by communist like Brennan.

If you remember from the book, 1984, the people that were filmed renouncing their “crimes” were killed, or driven crazy by some form of torture specific to the individual. The film was for the masses to keep them in line and living the lie.

It’s unfortunate the communist-in-training, those citizens still engulfed in state-run media, like CNN, MSNBC, local news outlets and the like, didn’t have enough critical thinking power to see through the smoke and mirrors. Now it’s too late. The vote was rigged, the communist voted themselves into office. Maybe those citizens that still believe KamalToe Harris is going to save them from themselves will wake up before the second dose.

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