Just The Latest Set Up – Another False Flag Operation Intended To Set Up Patriots

Just The Latest Set Up – Another False Flag Operation Intended To Set Up Patriots by Rory for The Daily Coin

The image above shows a young lady with an American flag draped over her shoulders – is she a terrorist or patriot? Is she participating in a riot or peaceful protest or something altogether different? What is she doing, how did she get to the location and what is the event she is attending and for what purpose is she there?

See how that works? It’s a simple image, but we know nothing about it. Until yesterday afternoon you – yes you reading this – would have seen this image as something beautiful, patriotic or you probably wouldn’t have seen this image as a representation of wrongdoing or evil. What changed?

Pastorlocke parleyed.

— Pastor Greg Locke Pastorlocke Thursday, January 7, 2021

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Times up.

Patriots are officially the bad guys and marxist, communist are the good guys. State run media, around the world, are now comparing and contrasting the “peaceful protest” during 2020 – you know, where cities were burn to the ground, innocent man in Portland Or. was murdered in the streets, small independent businesses destroyed and, can’t forget, no one wearing mask. There are a number of images of antifa / black lives matter infiltrators during the Patriots Day march on January 6, 2021. Of course the state-run media will never show those, ask questions about who these people are and why the same people attended the riots, I mean “peaceful protests”, during 2020 were also INSIDE the Capital Building during the Patriots Day Protest, I mean riots, on January 6, 2021. Funny how that works.

If the events of January 6, 2021 at the Capital Building in Washington, DC weren’t some sort of planned situation against President Trump, please explain why this happened and why the police would, literally, open the gate and allow these people into a secured area. Does that make sense?

Does it make sense that antifa / black lives matter terrorist would be “escorted” by bus to the Capital Building? Tell me about the buses and why these people received a police escort. I’ll wait here while you concoct your lie.

PATRIOTS ATTEMPTED TO STOP INFILTRATORS. “Trump supporters recognized Antifa was instigating trouble, they shouted for help (police presence was virtually nothing), and they even pulled the guy down and stopped him.” – AK4WA eyewitness reporting #saveamerica #jan6 #dc

— Ellie Brown EllieBOfficial Thursday, January 7, 2021

Will this man be arrested? There’s his face – please check his social media accounts, travel logs and see what other “peaceful protest” he attended during the summer of 2020.

What about these two? Does this image warrant a warrant? Maybe a few questions – what about their social media accounts, travel logs and other “peaceful protest” they may have attended.

Where were the police? Oh, that’s right, the patriots were help to protect them from the antifa / black lives matter terrorist.

Julio Rosas, The Federalist, even bought the lie. He doesn’t see the difference between the two groups – since when do you see patriots at Trump Rallies covering their face, wearing hoodies and attacking police? You don’t. What you do see are the “defund the police” terrorist antifa and black lives matter marxist / communist attacking police.

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