Anti-America Americans are Synergizing Again

Anti-America Americans are Synergizing Again By R.W. Trewyn for American Thinker

Wherever leftist anarchy rears its ugly head, the nearly universal response seems to be: close your eyes; don’t look!  The mob violence yesterday at the US Capitol, on the other hand, will be a tool for establishment repression of conservatives.

But for the left, the establishment attitude is: Maybe if the evil is ignored, it will go away.  And for those of us old enough to have experienced anarchist riots and destruction in the 1960s and ‘70s, it could be argued that’s how it played out.  The evil went away … eventually.

Maybe America should just wait them out again this time?


First of all, the core elements of the movement to destroy America fifty years ago never really went away; they just went underground.  The end of the Vietnam War took it off the table as the prime reason to riot, pillage and plunder — to burn America down.

Additionally, strides were made on civil rights, the other front in the domestic war ongoing back then.  Progress began on righting decades of national wrongs.  As a result, riot, pillage and plunder took a holiday.  Even hard-core radicals could no longer justify throwing their late-night Molotov cocktail parties.

Having been dumped into the middle of the mayhem when I returned from Vietnam in 1969, I came face-to-face with the anti-America revolutionaries far too frequently.  Along the way, I was able to identify five distinct, but interacting components: (1) socialist-loving “intellectuals;” (2) screw-the-public profiteers; (3) mass media manipulators; (4) antimilitary/antiauthority zealots; and (5) sanctimonious amoral moralists.  There might have been more.

Appallingly, the same anti-America factions bent on destroying U.S. democracy back then are synergizing again.  My fear is they could succeed this time.

Aided by the global pandemic that destroyed a booming U.S. economy, their guy got the most claimed votes on Nov. 3.  People are questioning how many were illegitimate ballots, but his claimed total was bigger.  As a result, the anarchists will be empowered significantly going forward.  They got him elected … presumably.

Freedom-loving Americans need to grasp what they’re up against.  Freedom could be fleeting if something isn’t done — soon!

(1) Socialist-Loving “Intellectuals:” Since serving in combat in 1969, I’ve spent a half century inside the ivory tower.  That has convinced me the intelligentsia are the #1 threat to American freedom.  University Marxists/Leninists/Stalinists gave birth to today’s “woke” cancel culture while simultaneously administering last rites to higher education quality in America.

Beyond that, they educate the other four anarchist elements — profiteers, manipulators, zealots, and moralists — to serve themselves, not others; especially, not America.  And, of course, they continually propagate more of their own … with the in-breeding generating precisely what genetics predicts.

Pedagogic indoctrination is sometimes subtle, oftentimes not, but the brainwashing works.  Back in 1969, political correctness was merely a glimmer in university socialists’ eyes, but the stage was being set.  It took time for PC to be institutionalized on all campuses nationwide.

You should recognize the outcomes with the cancel culture destroying monuments and dictating what words can and cannot be said.  “All” cannot be used if “lives” is the next word in any sentence.  Academic anarchists did that.

(2) Screw-the-Public Profiteers:  President Reagan once said: “Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession.  I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”

One could argue that politicians and bureaucrats — government pimps and prostitutes using Reagan’s analogy — are the number-one threat.  However, they received their political science degrees from Marxist faculty prior to heading to DC to “socialize” the country.   Thus, screw-the-public profiteers finish below their mentors as threat #2 … #2 being apt in multiple ways.

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