Storming The Castle – Bomb Threat – Electoral College “Certification”

Storming The Castle – Bomb Threat – Electoral College “Certification” from The Daily Coin

Time for President Trump supporters to leave the area – “go home”.


  • 100s of protesters clashed with police after the president’s speech
  • A number of protesters breached security at The Capitol and are inside the building
  • The Capitol has been evacuated
  • VP Pence has been escorted from the Chamber to a secure location
  • 1000s are peacefully protesting outside’
  •  President Trump urges protesters (via Tweet) to “Stay peaceful”
  • Washington DC Mayor orders 6 pm citywide curfew
  • DoD refuses to call DC official for National Guard deployment
  • Federal Protective Service, Secret Service Deploying To Capitol
  • President Trump Orders National Guard To Capitol To Restore Order 
  • Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Sends State Troopers To Capitol To Restore Order 
  • FBI Has Been Deployed To The Capitol 
  • President Trump Calls On Supporters To “Go Home” 
  • FBI SWAT Team Enters Capitol Building 
  • US Officials Say The Capitol Building Is Now Secure  Source

There are numerous videos of a young woman being shot and being helped to the floor. She may have died. We will NOT be publishing any of these videos. We pray that you understand.




Supporters of President Trump DO NOT – Repeat – DO NOT wear riot gear to rallies, protest or other social gatherings to show support for the President – ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter dress the part…


Shots fired inside the Capital Building – at least one person wounded, bloody…

Couldn’t agree more with the tweet below…



The Chamber has been cleared…

We believe these are antifa dressed as MAGA supporters – this is what they do…


With the “Stop the Steal” Rally as a backdrop some of the more fringe members of the MAGA nation decided the 1776 moment would start sooner rather than later…

A fairly group began pushing their way towards the Senate?

In the meantime, Steve Scalise is lighting up the floor of the Senate in an eruption…

On top of tihs we had a threat to the Capital…

Audio captured of threat to fly plane into U.S. Capitol

Air traffic controllers in New York intercepted an audio threat this week warning that “Soleimani will be avenged” and that a plane would crash into the Capitol building on Wednesday.

The calls were received by several air traffic controllers on Monday and Tuesday. The Pentagon and other agencies were briefed on the incursion, which featured a digitized voice reading out the statement: “We are flying a plane into the Capitol on Wednesday. Soleimani will be avenged,” an apparent reference to Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, who the U.S. killed about a year ago. Source


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