The Most Important Numbers of 2020 And The Golden Future Of 2021

The Most Important Numbers of 2020 And The Golden Future Of 2021 from King World News

As we continue to kickoff the new year, here is a look at the most important numbers of 2020 and the “Golden Future” of 2021.

The Facts & Numbers of 2020, the Golden Future of 2021
January 3 (King World News) – For the second week in a row, Matt Piepenburg at Matterhorn Asset Management is pinch hitting for Egon von Greyerz this week and he hit it out of the park once again! Here is his fantastic article:  Below, we take another deep dive into the lessons of history, math and objective facts as one year replaces another in a global market increasingly on edge.

The Most Important Numbers of 2020
As we say goodbye to 2020 and look toward 2021, the key numbers on my screen and mind have nothing to do with dates yet everything to do with this: 14.

14 is the number of trillions by which the aggregate money supply increased in the U.S., EU, Japan and eight other developed economies in a single year, 2020. 


Of course, other numbers matter in ways which can’t be fully fathomed, such as the 1.7 million deaths attributed to a global pandemic of the same year which has sent the global economy into a crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

And speaking of depressions, in terms of inflation-adjusted GDP growth rates per capita, the classic measure of a depression, we are clearly experiencing one now, and have been since before COVID.

As to other memorable 2020 numbers, and despite open evidence of an economic depression, the DOW shot past 30,000 as global GDP tanked, economies plunged and death counts mounted, proving yet again that there’s very little a money printer at a central bank near you can’t do to support a Frankenstein securities bubble.

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