Lack of Evidence Keeps Pouring In Like Water Over the Niagara – Election Fraud Even William Barr Can See

Lack of Evidence Keeps Pouring In Like Water Over the Niagara – Election Fraud Even William Barr Can See by Rory for The Daily Coin

For the past several weeks we have heard story after story coming from people on the left, and some voices on the right as well, all asking about evidence of voter fraud, election fraud, voting irregularities and other voter anomalies. Well, if any of these people would have simply read – Evidence of Voter Fraud? or perhaps Here Is the Evidence or maybe #FightBack Ramps Up – Michigan, Lin Wood and Arlington, Va little too much? Well, why not try this – President Trump “Election Is Now Under Coordinated Assault and Siege”

We have been writing about sworn testimony – you know, under oath evidence, presenting video evidence from a variety of sources and other evidence that would be admissible in court from around the world- literally around the world. But yet people still say there is not enough evidence to overturn the election results.

Here is the latest video evidence presented in two videos – one is sped up to save time the other is presented at almost real time speed. The second is slightly slower than real time to show the details. Both seems very convincing and should warrant questioning, under oath by the three main people in the videos.

Texas Is Not Alone….UPDATED – Now 17 States Join Texas In Lawsuit Against Election Irregularities

Why Would Georgia Ballots Come from Arizona?

Save America – Save the World: Fight For Trump


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