Deep State Freaked Out Trump Not Giving Up – Alex Newman

Deep State Freaked Out Trump Not Giving Up – Alex Newman By Greg Hunter’s

Journalist Alex Newman says don’t let all the calls for President Trump to step down fool you into thinking Trump is a one term President.  The Deep State Democrat globalists never imagined Trump would fight this hard against the massive election fraud that made Biden the pretend president.  The Deep State is freaking out, and this is why so many on both sides are calling for Trump to give up.  He’s NOT going to simply give into massive fraud.  Newman says, “I think the Deep State is very, very concerned about what President Trump might be thinking.  The President is clearly promising to fight. The media completely ignored it, but the President just put out a video on December 22 that says look, I am going to use every legal and constitutional means at my disposal to make sure that this election is not won through fraud. . . . He’s not going anywhere, and he’s not going to be giving up simply. . . . When you read the Constitution, Trump has an obligation to act here. . . . In the Constitution, it says the United States is obligated to guarantee a Republican form of government.  That means we have the rule of law. . . . That means what happened in these states where the vote was just blatantly rigged has to be addressed.  We had bureaucrats, judges and governors changing the rules of the election so they could commit fraud.  All of that needs to be stopped, and the U.S. government has an obligation to step in.”

There are multiple court cases sitting in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Will the judges rule against the fraud?  Who knows, but if they don’t, the President can act using something called the “Insurrection Act.”  Newman explains, “When you read the Constitution, the Founding Fathers saw fit to authorize the U.S. government to call up the militia or the U.S. armed forces into federal service when there was an insurrection or even to enforce the laws of the Union if necessary.  It is spelled out clearly in the Constitution. . . . Congress delegated that authority to the President under the ‘Insurrection Act’ under President Thomas Jefferson.  That has been upheld as constitutional and has been on the books for over 200 years.  So, in a worst case scenario, President Trump still has options.”

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