The 17 Different “Intelligence Agencies” Latest 100% Failure: Nashville Explosion

The 17 Different “Intelligence Agencies” Latest 100% Failure: Nashville Explosion by Rory – The Daily Coin

UPDATE 12/28/20 6:28am CST:

hmmm… seems like I’m not the only one with questions surrounding this nonsense and how it is playing out. When you know the answer to the riddle before the riddle is spoken it makes it so much easier to paint the picture you want others to see. /END

You know, all those “intelligence agencies” that live in the “intelligence community” – without a zip code or known address – that we are told over and over and over and over they must capture all our digital info to keep us safe… And if they happen to spy, illegally, on the President of the U.S., well, that’s okay, because they were just keeping you safe from the truth.

Well, it appears there is nothing new from the overnight reporting on the Nashville explosion other than a video of the explosion itself. This is not helpful and does not add any new info to the story. I’m sticking with the assessment covered in Human Remains Found in Vincity of Nashville Explosion. The common theme of these types of events, be it in the U.S. or Europe, they have turned out to be false flag events pushing a narrative to steal more of our God given Rights and Liberties.

I will ask again, as I have in so many other cases – like the Florida night club shooting, the Paris-trio of shootings and the California shooting at a government building – I thought all the spy agencies in the U.S. and in Europe were gathering our cell phone info and our entire digital footprint for the sole purpose of PREVENTING this type of event. Well, to date, they have a track record of 100% failure. So, tell me again why I’m suppose to trust the NSA, TSA, DHS and the 14 agencies that are gathering 100% of our digital footprint. I’ll wait here until someone can explain why these events continue happening if these spy agencies sole purpose is to ensure they don’t happen.

Other failures we have catalogued over the past several years. This is not the first, nor the last, failure by these tyrants.

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Please, tell me again how these people are “keeping us safe” and protecting our communities by stealing 100% of our digital footprint. That’s a lot of failure with ZERO victories – ZERO.

Continue watching it on TV as they now have two “monsters” to shove down your throat over the next week. After that they’ll go back to their regularly-scheduled-fearmongering that “Covid-1984 is everywhere they tell you it is. How convenient, a monster only the authorities can see, but you can’t. Only the authorities can save you so you must trust them, listen to them and do exactly what they tell you do, even if it contradicts what they told you to do yesterday.

Here’s the latest “update” from the economy wrecking, soul sucking Nashville explosion.

What do we know as of the morning of 12/26/20? Nothing has changed. We are to be scared, locked down and trust the authorities as they know what they are doing and will tell us what to think about this latest event. In the meantime don’t go near your family, don’t leave your house and if you do leave your house keep your mouth, not only shut, but covered up to ensure you don’t say a word to another human being. Better still, just order whatever you need from Amazon and remain under house arrest – I mean lock down.

Remember kids, truth only comes from the people on state-run TV, everyone else is to shut-up and believe.


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