Human Remains Found in Vincity of Nashville Explosion

Human Remains Found in Vincity of Nashville Explosion by Rory for The Daily Coin

Human remains found, but no one is saying what the remains are or where, specially, these remains were located. The criminal, “Mayor” of Nashville has issued a curfew for a multi-block area of downtown, now, downtown is quartered-off until 4:30pm CST on Sunday December 27.

This situation reeks. The information is in slow motion, vague and points to nothing. The real problem is the vague language – “intentional act” is about as vague a phrase as can be used. Of course, it was intentional. This phrase is used in a way to frighten people, period.

The RV was parked in front of a blast-proof building! If you are going to commit an act of terrorism would you pick a blast-proof building? Maybe you would, but… Also, if it were an act of terrorism odds are you wouldn’t have an announcement, on loop, for 30 minutes prior to the event, for people to “evacuate the area”.

TRENDING: “Evacuate Now…If You Can Hear This Evacuate Now.”

This is the image of the RV, in motion, from approximately 1:22am CST Christmas morning 2020.

The AP – those bastions of truth – are reporting the following:

Human remains were found in the vicinity of the explosion, two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press. It was unclear how the remains were related to the explosion or whether they might belong to the person believed to be responsible or a victim. The officials could not discuss an ongoing investigation publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

They don’t know any more about the blast, as of 5:40pm CST Christmas evening 2020, than they knew a few minutes prior to the blast going off almost twelve hours prior.

– shots fired about an hour before the blast

– RV parked in front of AT&T begins announcing that people should “evacuate the area”

– RV blows up – in front of blast proof building – does major damage to small mom-and-pop businesses directly across the street from blast proof building

– no one seriously injured – 3 people transported to local hospitals with minor injuries

– human remains found in vicinity may or may not be part of this situation – may or may not be used to push a narrative – may or may not be the target of the blast

We believe this is another staged, false flag event intended to crush the Nashville economy. The Nashville economy, one of the strongest in the nation, now has a major black-eye that the world can see. As soon as the idiot criminal “Mayor” opened the economy a little, the party downtown kicked up again. Not in the same manner as before the lockdowns but a strong comeback none-the-less.

We believe this whole thing is nothing more but the latest antifa / BLM nonsense as the domestic terrorist were unable to do any damage during the “summer of rage” when cities across the country were set a blaze. There was an attempt to burn the courthouse during the terrorist uprising here in Nashville, but the fire was quickly addressed and did not take root nor spread.

This exploding RV, we believe, is there way of killing the economy – more specifically, the mom-and-pop businesses that are the driving force of the Nashville economy. They failed over the summer, so, come back on Christmas to ensure the massive New Years Eve celebration doesn’t stand a chance of materializing. It will also have the ripple effect of killing the economy going into spring.


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