Quantitative Easing Is the Biggest Sham Ever (Video)

Quantitative Easing Is the Biggest Sham Ever Video by Best Evidence

The official version of Quantitative Easing, in which the central bank creates reserves and does no more than swap them for assets without any money getting into the economy at large, has entrenched itself as the gospel truth pretty much by default, following 12 straight years without serious challenge. While there are legions of people who SUSPECT that QE is an insiders’ game designed to lard select asset valuations, suspicions and proof are two very different animals.

It’s high time the undefeated-to-date official version of QE faced a decent challenger. Mr. Frazier, meet Mr. Foreman.

In this video, the official version of QE is taken apart at the joint. And while we need a few more minutes alone with the champ than did America’s indoor grilling pioneer back in 1973, the outcome is the same: down goes Frazier.

The difference of course is that while Joe Frazier was a courageous competitor who took all comers, the Federal Reserve and its cronies… well, what kind of “competitors” need a continent-sized cheat like QE to prop themselves up when they’ve already misappropriated their country’s constitutional money-printing power?


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