Food Independence, No Debt, and a Paid-For House

Food Independence, No Debt, and a Paid-For House by  for Modern Survival Blog

I believe that working towards these three goals will change your life.

1. Food Independence (or at least working on it)
2. No Debt
3. Paid-For House

I can tell you without a doubt that achieving these goals will free your soul from DEPENDENCE if you let it.The process alone will set you free from may stresses.

You have the opportunity to become truly liberated from a system that is designed to hold you down.

Food Independence

Okay, maybe literal food independence is difficult at best. Literal Level-4 preparedness which entails self-sufficient food production (various farming) is no small thing or even desirable for most… In fact it’s likely impossible for the typical working man or woman unless you’re working on your own farm!

However there is a lot (a very lot) that you can do towards becoming less reliant upon ‘the grocery store’.

Note: It’s a great feeling to look at one’s own stocked shelves of diversified foods!

Vegetable gardens are the start of the process.
Food preservation techniques are best learned next.

You can take it to whatever level that you choose, within the constraints of where you live.

Tip: If you get the equipment and know-how to ‘home can’ foods, then you will be able to take advantage of store Sales prices. Purchase in quantities sufficient to do a batch. Plus it will store on the shelf without refrigeration. We do this semi-regularly for deep sale prices of chicken.

Example: Boneless chicken breast was on sale not long ago for $1.79 at our grocery store so we bought 16 pounds and canned a batch.

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No Debt

This is huge. I mean really. For those who have pulled themselves out of debt know exactly what I mean. Becoming debt free is so very important towards self liberation.

Owing nothing puts YOU in the drivers seat, so to speak. No longer will a bank (or banks) weigh heavy on your shoulders. Sure, you will always have to pay taxes. But that’s just a given in this life…

Living BELOW your means is the simple and lasting solution. Resist the temptations to spend BEYOND your means. It’s really that easy. Eventually you will become debt free.

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