4 Things I Wish I Had Known Before the SHTF in Venezuela

4 Things I Wish I Had Known Before the SHTF in Venezuela by J.G. Martinez for The Organic Prepper

Plan for the worst. Hope for the best. All any one of us can do is the best we can at that moment in time. Decisions made, whether good or bad, have consequences. Everything we do has consequences.

When making decisions, whether it be what to have for dinner or how you will get yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way if SHTF, having information beforehand is always a good idea. Even then, we don’t always have the right information. 

When it comes to catastrophic events, sudden SHTF, or events that cause civil unrest, time may not be on our side. Making snap decisions in any of these situations inevitably leads to some regrets and moments of, “If I only knew then what I know now.” 

Here are 4 of those things I wish I had known.

Stockpile, but also consider other alternatives

Having a stockpile is useful. A well-stocked pantry with food items that have a long shelf life will get you and your family through an emergency situation for some time. 

But, what if the emergency situation goes on far longer than expected? Whether you’re home, at your BOL, or fled to another country, you can grow and produce food from the land. And you should. 

Your stockpile should have more than just food items. Sure it’s great to have a whole arsenal of weapons if you can afford it. But, you will be grateful later on when you have things for hygiene, like soap and toilet paper in that stockpile. (Handmade soap, even better.)

With the way 2020 treated us, it’s safe to say, “Get it now, before it’s gone.” Because it will be, in the blink of an eye. In Venezuela, scarcity hit hard and fast. Pasta, flour, rice, and beans were coveted by neighbors. So much so, they would report their neighbors as “hiding” food to the NGs. 

Bottom line: I should have directed my efforts towards making my hutch safe and cozy with a well-stocked pantry. The land around it would have been filled with vegetables and free-roaming poultry. And, we would have had a reliable water source.    

Not everyone close to you will stick with you during hard times

You have to be psychologically ready to face dramatic changes in your life. Change of any kind brings with it some degree of uncertainty. Some people can not handle change, no matter how much preparation has gone into the plans. Others will claim they are ok with the SHTF plans made. In reality, they have no intention of going along with those plans.

Leaving my country, 30 years of hard work and all the effort I had put into keeping my family together was never what I wanted. Preparing for years, I had gathered resources, learned new skills, and had built a small network. Keeping my family together was what mattered.

I left my home in Venezuela for what I believed was a common goal of keeping the family unit together. The realization that all my efforts toward that goal were not appreciated left me shattered. My partnership was broken in a decision that was not made by me. Some people you thought you knew will let you down.

The choice to break up the family unit by excluding me left me no choice but to stay abroad. Though I could have gone back home and rebuilt my life, I refused to leave my most precious treasure behind—the future of my family, my child.

Bottom line: Some people, no matter how close they are to you, will not stick to the plans. Even if they told you they would. Inevitably, they will do whatever it is they want to do.  Mental preparation for everything is key to true survival. 

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