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Guest article by MSB contributor, Lauren, “How To Starve The Beast”

We’ve been seeing a lot of comments about “starving the Beast”, but like the four levels of preparedness it means something different to everyone.

For one it might simply mean cutting back and not buying as much, while for another it might mean a full disconnect from the “beast’s” world.

Some “starve the beast” by pulling out of business and letting productive land lie fallow. Others might put that same land into higher production but sell direct to consumers rather than dealing through the grocery system.

There are a million and one ways to starve the beast, and I can’t honestly say that any one of them are wrong.

The first question asked must be, what do you see as the beast?

The second question, how do you starve it?

Political – Economic – Social

To me the beast is any system that feeds itself first. The political beast is all about power, maintaining that power in any way necessary. The economic beast needs all products (and thus the people who use them) to be under its control. The social beast must have all people enslaved, to the point where “wrongthink” is literally impossible.

The beast will always feed itself first.

It is the ultimate in selfishness, needing to own everything, and to destroy what it cannot control.

Therefore, the political beast will destroy anyone who doesn’t feed it, put them in jail or blackmail them into compliance.

The economic beast will raise taxes and increase bureaucracy to the point where small businesses literally cannot exist, then blame those same businesses for the lack of product on the shelves.

The social beast…well, we’ve all seen what the social beast does, from cancel culture to “lists” of anyone who will not comply. The social beast does not hesitate to destroy lives in the name of the “greater good,” and lies without concern as long as it serves the cause.

Starving the beast is as individual as the people who see it for what it is, and utterly necessary.

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