Gold vs Bitcoin is F-ing stupid

Gold vs Bitcoin is F-ing stupid by Mark E. Jeftovic for Out of the Cave

With all due respect to the people arguing this one way or the other – many of whom are super intelligent. This argument is a self-defeating doom loop that can only be resolved via an act of faith.

Introducing your Economic Apocalypse Toolkit

With both Bitcoin and gold (and stonks, for that matter) at or recently off of all time highs the age old debate of whether gold is better than Bitcoin or vice versa is everywhere. I finally sat down and mapped out the Economic Apocalypse Toolkit after listening to Grant Williams and Bill Fleckenstein’s End Game podcast episode with Fred Hickey, who writes The High Tech Strategist.

In it they hit on the perennial question of “gold vs Bitcoin” and Hickey laid out his objections to it. I’ve been a subscriber of The HTS for several years now and think it’s absolutely fantastic, and of course I also subscribe to Grant Williams TTMYGH and Fleck’s newsletter as well. All great stuff, well written, from extremely intelligent people. I do get the sense that Williams is somewhat open to Bitcoin and he wants to talk about it and explore the idea that it may be something more than the usual tropes: a ponzi, based on nothing, Tulipmania, etc, but maybe he’s hesitant at prospect of taking heat for suggesting it.

I just find the entire debate pointless because people who invest in either asset class are doing so for the same reasons. They are reacting to the same threat, they see the same unsustainability, they are preparing for the same End Game, if you will.

Given that many of the people who see the underlying issues are of a capital allocator, long term mindset, why is this being thought of in terms of either/or and not in terms of probabilities and scenarios?

If the job at hand is to protect one’s wealth from systemically rigged and disintegrating monetary regime, arguing for one over the other feels like trying to defend against it with only half the available toolkit. Is there a mechanic who wouldn’t be caught dead with a screwdriver in his toolbox because he can give you a list of reasons why every problem can be solved with a wrench? “Screwdrivers for suckers!”

The entire gold vs crypto argument goes away when one realizes that there is more overlap in the objectives of each asset than there are differences. And if you can get your own biases out of the way, then even the differences when looked at objectively seem to have uncanny parallels

Gold has a 5,000 year track record, and has never failed to hold its value, which is quite impressive and has to count for something….
Bitcoin has broken out of nowhere and taken the world by storm in an astonishingly small amount of time, which is quite impressive and has to count for something…

Bitcoin is backed by nothing.
Gold is just a shiny rock.

Without electricity, Bitcoin is useless.
You can’t eat gold.

Quantum computing will eventually destroy Bitcoin’s encryption.
Asteroid mining will eventually make gold abundant and cheap.

Bitcoin is a ponzi.
What’s the definition of a gold mine? A hole in the ground with a liar standing beside it.

I could go on….

Since the future is unknowable and certainty elusive, aligning with one aspect of the above over the other has to be a choice not a fact. It’s an act of faith. So why not embrace agnosticism and make use of both sets of tools in your financial survival toolkit?

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