‘Unrighteous Commerce’: Our Responsibility for China’s Barbaric Acts

‘Unrighteous Commerce’: Our Responsibility for China’s Barbaric Acts by Gordon G. Chang for Gatestone Institute

  • Those who trade with China, invest in it, or promote ties with Beijing — in other words, strengthen or legitimize the ruling regime — have to know they are enabling the Party and are therefore complicit in its crimes against humanity.
  • “The world could have and would have been different if captains of industry as well as cultural and sports elites had acted differently in the 1930s, but they can act differently now.” — Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center to Gatestone.
  • China’s regime is able to engage in malevolent acts because businesses enrich it with trade and investment. Cut off the trade and investment, and Chinese leaders will have no cash for barbaric projects.
  • American companies and Americans are enabling Chinese atrocities. That has to end.

China’s Communist Party is committing crimes against humanity. American companies are helping it do so.

It is, as explained below, no longer possible to “compartmentalize” China, so the White House and Congress should use their powers to end all trade, investment, and other business relationships.

In what the Chinese euphemistically call the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Party is relentlessly eliminating cultural and religious identity and implementing race-based policies reminiscent of those of the Third Reich, at least before the mass exterminations.

At least a million — and perhaps more than three million — Xinjiang inhabitants, for no reason other than their Uighur or Kazakh ethnicity or adherence to Islam, are being held in facilities meeting the definition of “concentration camps.” Internees are dying in detention. Families are broken apart and children incarcerated in “orphanages.”

The Chinese state implements genocidal policies in Xinjiang and has institutionalized rape of Muslim women. Tens of thousands of minorities work for domestic and foreign companies in state-run “forced labor” programs that can be described as “slavery.” China may also be killing minorities to harvesttheir organs.

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