#FightBack Ramps Up – Michigan, Lin Wood and Arlington, Va

#FightBack Ramps Up – Michigan, Lin Wood and Arlington, Va by Rory for The Daily Coin

Attorney Lin Wood is not messing around. Not sure that I agree, but it may be exactly what is needed to clear the fog. There seems to be a cloud of garbage hanging over our country and declaring martial law, ordering a new election may be exactly what is needed.

As we have seen in Michigan today – click here to continue watching >>> – more and more dead people voting, people that have no address, poll watchers being harassed and not allowed to do their part, etc, etc, etc – exactly the same thing we have witnessed already in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Later today at 2pm EST – there will be an announcement in Arlington, Va regarding #voterfraud.

What is happening in our country should be a concern to anyone that believes in our country. If you are one of the people that hates the United States of America, well, then you would probably be cheering what has happened with the vote. The fraud, deception and propaganda being propagated by the likes of CNN and MSNBC is just fuel for the fire of the downfall and transformation of this once proud Republic.


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