Round 2 of the Great Trump War Sets the Stage for Round 3

Round 2 of the Great Trump War Sets the Stage for Round 3 By  for American Greatness

Whatever Biden does, if Trump plays it right, he is the future, not the past.

The Great Trump War is approaching the end of round two. The president predicted the abuse of unsolicited mass-mailed ballots and ballot harvesting, but did not put an adequate legal team in place on the ground in time with the necessary resources to combat it. He is not blameless in the incoherence and disorganization of this blizzard of uncoordinated lawsuits his counsel have mounted, or in the ambiguity of the status and implausibility of the claims advanced by the estimable Sidney Powell.

The president’s move on Monday to begin accommodation of the transition activities of the Biden camp indicates that he has moved in time to maintain his legitimate allegations of election skulduggery while also providing a reasonable facsimile of a philosophical acceptance of the likely fact of Biden’s election, though not of its impeccable legitimacy. This will enable him to maintain the rage of his scores of millions of ardent supporters, who constitute by far the greatest block of followers of any current American political leader—easily surpassing Obama, who has backtracked in his latest memoir to false racialization (the last refuge of contemporary American political scoundrels), and the Clintons, whose prestige is crumbling every week, the faded Bushes, who were never stem-winders even in the best of times, and certainly Joe Biden, caretaker for an historical intermission.

All the Trump-haters’ claims that he would unleash his followers’ violence if he did not win the election have vanished down the same sewer as the prophecies of impending Russian election interference and the postmaster general’s evanescently infamous voter suppression (a complete fiction).

It now appears that when the Democratic Party elders—to save themselves the embarrassment of a Sanders quasi-Marxist candidacy—plucked Joe Biden out of the ditch after he came in fifth in the New Hampshire primary and transported him across the finish line while also resuscitating Kamala Harris from her pre-primary flameout, assumed Biden would not have the mental stamina to complete his term. They hoped Harris could then take over and implement the so-called Sanders-Biden Unity Program for the socialization of America, backed by solid Senate and House of Representatives majorities. The appearance of their current victory is deceiving.

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