Low-Wattage Justice Sotomayor’s Attack on the Bill of Rights Makes Her the Left’s New Supreme Court Bobblehead

Low-Wattage Justice Sotomayor’s Attack on the Bill of Rights Makes Her the Left’s New Supreme Court Bobblehead By streiff for Red State

Yesterday evening the US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, defended the Constitution’s Bill of Rights against a concerted attack by one of the three most totalitarian governors in the United States, New York’s Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo had decreed that the size of religious services could be arbitrarily limited to as few as 10 people. Ostensibly, this was to protect us all from the dreaded Chinese Lung AIDS because, as we all know, that virus hates people who go to church and hangs out in the church parking lot to attack those who attend. This is much like how the virus loves to visit bars and restaurants after 9 p.m. and how it also targets Thanksgiving meals. For reasons unknown to scientists, the virus is afraid to get close to BLM or Antifa demonstrations…though it is very, very attracted to demonstrations defending Constitutional rights. How very odd. It is almost like the scientists are just making up sh** to target gatherings they personally oppose or push policies they approve of. But we know they would never do that.

My colleague Jen Van Laar has the whole story here, BREAKING: SCOTUS Rules 5-4 to Grant Catholic Diocese, Orthodox Jews’ Request to Block Cuomo Attendance Limits, but it is really interesting for a few things.

First, Chief Justice John Roberts, who assured us there are no Obama judges, seems to have morphed from siding with the liberals on occasion to prevent 5-4 decisions and control who wrote the controlling opinion into being a full-fledged member of the liberal wing of the court. I imagine we’ll now read stories in National Review assuring us of the wisdom of not having 6-3 conservative victories because we are a closely divided nation, and such a thing would be bad for the court’s credibility…just like 5-4 conservative victories were bad.

In this decision, he shows just how irrelevant he is. He says that yes, Cuomo’s edicts probably violate the Constitution, but since he’s said he won’t enforce the limits right now, no harm, no foul. As some on Twitter said, it is sort of like reporting that you’ve been mugged and having the cop tell you, “you’re not being mugged right now, come back while he’s mugging you if he does it again.”

Second, Neil Gorsuch is emerging as a major conservative voice. In yesterday’s opinion, he exposed Cuomo’s order for the shallow, transparent, power-grubbing sham that it is.

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