Thanksgiving 20/20

Thanksgiving 20/20

20/20 vision – that’s when you see objects at 20 feet as they appear at 20 feet. When this is out of balance vision becomes blurry and objects aren’t seen in their truest form.

What’s funny is we have been living with 20/30 or even 20/10 vision for the past several decades. We have allowed our vision to become blurry and allowed a very small group of satanic globalist to step in and tell us what we are seeing. Make no mistake, these satanic globalist have been seeing with perfect 20/20 vision. It is our vision they have warped to see what they want us to see. It is time to wipe our eyes clean and, once again, see the glory of what 20/20 vision has to offer.

Today is the day that for the past 400 years we have celebrated family, community and lifted praises and Thanksgivings to the Lord. We have expressed gratitude, love and sanctified our beliefs as the people of this very proud Republic. Until recently, the past 40-50 years, we have been unafraid of expressing our beliefs, showing love and mercy to others and being ready, in a moments notice, to put a stop to evil in whatever form it appeared. We addressed it, cold. We stood tall, we helped our neighbors, because we knew our neighbor. Some people, in mass, are beginning to see this and make the necessary changes. We need to come together, before God, and tell the world we love our family, we stand with our family and we will defend our family and communities in whatever manner is necessary. This is what is called Thanksgiving – we should act like it instead of allowing our 20/20 vision to continue to be warped, continue to be dictated by, literally, a handful of extremely evil people that hate our lives, hate our families and hate our values. We should laugh at them and then pray for them, but if they continue to attack us, and our family, we should stand up against them.

20/20 has been a different year. If you choose to see the negative and continue to live the lie sold by the satanic globalist that’s your decision. If you choose to wipe your eyes clean and see the world with God’s eyes, we say welcome back and we’ll pray for the others.

Our President, President Trump, will be victorious. The road afterwards will be very, very rough. The previous 4 years were merely an opening act. The Full Armor of God will be necessary to enter into battle. The devil has already lost, he just hasn’t received the memo yet. The devil will be very upset when the memo arrives. Our God will not let us fail. Our God will not let the forces of evil continue to rule. God has only touched two nations in the history of the world – the United States of America and Israel. These are the only two nations that God has intervened. We should, once again, act like we are His Ambassadors here on earth. We should allow His 20/20 vision, not ours, to illuminate the path of Victory.

We are humbled by your continued support and grateful for each of you. We pray today, and all the days to come, are filled with His love and light. The King of kings is for us, not against us.


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