Crime of the Century of Biblical Proportions – Sidney Powell

Crime of the Century of Biblical Proportions – Sidney Powell by Rory for The Daily Coin

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As I watched this whole thing live the more Ms. Powell spoke the more times my jaw hit the floor. Some of what she says, even after the past week of bombshell, mic drop moments reigning down like a monsoon, she makes her case even stronger. Either she, Giuliani, Ellis and the other members of this legal team are going to blow the lid off the crime of the century or all these people are going to prison for sedition. The accusations, I believe supported by evidence, are absolutely mind-numbing. When she used the phrase – “It’s going to be Biblical.” anyone watching probably reacted much like myself – shock and amazement.

Ms. Powell states that “35,000 votes were added to each democratic candidate” “we definitely got all over one state” For someone to make this type of claim would only make sense to have the data, screen shots, sworn testimony, in hand, that supports these very serious allegations.

In order to appreciate the gravity of what she says it would be best to listen all the way through. It’s only about 20 minutes, but it is well deserving of your time.

Frontline member of the Trump legal team Sidney Powell comments exclusively on the claims that are going to be made in the legal battle to come over the presidential election results. – with political analyst Mark Halperin and Newsmax TV’s Rob Schmitt

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