Hydroxychloroquine and the Crisis of Reality

Hydroxychloroquine and the Crisis of Reality by Dennis Behreandt for The New American

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America in particular and Western civilization in general has a problem with epistemology. One of the key areas of philosophical inquiry, epistemology is the study of knowledge. Integral to the study of knowledge is the concept of truth. Knowledge is not independent of truth, for knowledge that is entirely based on non-truth is not knowledge at all, but merely a simulacra of knowledge at best. At worst, it is an imposter — a lie.

The crisis is acute in most areas of human endeavor in America at present, with the recent presidential election being the most obvious and current case in point. The mainstream media, for instance, infamously declared Joe Biden to be president-elect, when in fact the media have no actual power to make that determination and when, in fact, the actual results remain very much in dispute. Thus we have the acute epistemological crisis in politics. One side holds that their “knowledge” is in accord with “truth” because it supports their emotional desires. The other side would have knowledge be in accord with evidence sourced from a material reality that exists independently of the human mind and its emotional states. The emotional side is occupied by the Democrats who have been in increasingly open revolt against reality for some time. For one long-standing example of this, consider abortion — Democrat partisans have been insisting for decades, counterfactually, that children in the womb, or even just born, are not really human at all and thus can be killed with impunity. For this side, ballots don’t have to be materially “real” to count toward the election. For the other side, a ballot should be materially real in that it is cast by an actual living person who voted legally within the constraints of duly enacted legislation.

Another compelling example of this same epistemological crisis comes from the world of medicine and our unfortunate experience with COVID-19. The acute crisis here arises in the treatment of the condition using hydroxychloroquine either alone or in combination with other drugs. There are material results that strongly suggest that using hydroxychloroquine is a valid and helpful approach in treating COVID patients. Notwithstanding those results and the actual experiences of doctors and patients with the treatment, much effort has been expended by those aligned with the international “progressive” apparatus — of which the American Democrat Party and mainstream media are key parts — to construct an alternative paradigm in which, among other things, hydroxychloroquine is both ineffective and dangerous.

The divergence of the internationalist progressive paradigm from the real has been documented in a recent paper by several French researchers. Available online since June, the work of these researchers appears in the November 2020 issue of the journal New Microbes and New Infections.

Introducing their work, the authors who are affiliated with IHU-Méditerranée Infection (a significant French infectious disease research facility), Aix Marseille Université, and Hôpital Timone, a large hospital in Marseille, explained that they set out to examine the literature on the use of chloroquine derivatives to treat COVID-19. What they found was a conundrum. “We were surprised to find major discrepancies between study conclusions ranging from dramatic clinical improvement to dramatic increase in mortality rates under chloroquine-derivative treatment,” the researchers wrote. “We sought to understand what could explain such differences.”

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